Moongipa Warehousing Increases the capacity of your warehouse while reducing operational costs. Our automated warehousing solutions guarantee highly dynamic buffering, sequencing and storage of pallets, roll cages, and custom size load units. Moongipa's patented high-density, high throughput automation technology brings automation to places not considered viable before, eliminating the need for investments in a new facility.

  • Increase throughput capacity on less space
  • Fully automate sequencing of truckloads Increase agility to deal with changes
  • Increase productivity by uncoupling warehouse processes
  • Integrate with Moongipa Vehicle Routing and Load Building
  • Meet increased service level expectations of your customers
  • Cope with increasing speed and decreasing lead times

Moongipa delivers Warehouse Control and Optimization solutions for optimizing complex picking and/or loading requirements. It can be used for both storage as for intermediate staging/sequencing buffer activities, as well as for optimizing the picking activities, taking routing aspects into account. Customer cases in the cold chain and consumer goods industry show a strong reduction in required storage capacity and number of workers.